Ivana Novak (UCPH)

The Novak´s lab research focusses on the role of ion channels and transporters in pancreas physiology and in pancreatic diseases, such as pancreatic duct adenocarcinoma (PDAC) and pancreas fibrosis. We are particularly interested in calcium-activated Cl- and K+ channels (ANO1, KCa3.1), proton pumps (H+/K+-ATPases), and calcium transporters (NCX). Furthermore, we are determining the role of purinergic signaling (ATP release mechanism, purinergic and adenosine receptors) in normal pancreatic function, and in PDAC development. We use a spectrum of cell models, including PDAC cells and pancreatic stellate cells, ex vivo and in vivo tissue preparations, and techniques, including advanced live-cell/tissue bioimaging techniques, such as FLIM-FRET, NLO, and electrophysiology.

Figure: Panc-1 cells showing P2X7 receptor (red), actin (green) and nuclei (blue).


IonTraC project: Role of P2X receptor-ion channels in PDAC progression





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