Else Kay Hoffmann

The research in our group emphasizes on regulation of cell volume, cell migration, proliferation and programmed cell death (apoptosis). Cell volume regulation and the regulation of cell migration, proliferation or apoptosis exhibit multiple common features, and several lines of evidence indicate that these processes are closely interconnected. Proliferation is frequently associated with cell swelling and is stimulated by osmotic swelling. Conversely, cell shrinkage is a characteristic and necessary feature of apoptosis. The exact coupling between cell swelling and proliferation and between cell shrinkage and triggering of apoptosis is, however far from clear. To solve these problems we study the signalling sequences and the ion transporters involved in these regulations in cell cultures with electrophysiological and molecular biological techniques. A specific focus is on the role of Ca2+-activated chloride channel (CaCC) and Volume Regulated anion channel in cancer cells.


IonTraC project: Cl- and K+ channels in PDAC growth and chemotherapy resistance




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