Real-time information extraction from data streams

Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Borowski

Weitere beteiligte Personen:
Prof. Dr. Roland Fried (Fakultät Statistik, TU Dortmund)
Prof. Dr. Michael Imhoff (Ruhr-Universität Bochum),
Dr. med. Evgeny Idelevich (UK Münster)

Finanzierung: Eigenmittel

Laufzeit: seit 2013

The real-time extraction of relevant information from data streams (i.e. from time series with high measurement frequency) requires fast and robust statistical methods that account for changing data conditions. One aim of this project is the development of such methods, e.g. for real-time trend estimation or for real-time surveillance of associations between data streams. Another aim is to apply the newly developed methods to particular clinical situations, e.g. to lower the rate of false positive alarms in intensive care monitoring systems, to predict the return of spontaneous circulation during resuscitation, or to quickly detect antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


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