Inflammation & Imaging Lecture - Flashlight talks by Luisa Klotz, Henning Mootz, Andrea Rentmeister and tba

Inflammation & Imaging Lecture
A joint lecture series by the Collaborative Research Centres (CRC) 1009 and 1450, and the Clinical Research Unit (CRU) 342. More information

13:00 to 14:00

Luisa Klotz, Department of NeurologyEnhanced pathogenicity of Th17 cells due to natalizumab treatment-implications for MS disease rebound (CRC 1009 project A03)
Henning Mootz and Andrea Rentmeister, Institute of Biochemistry: Cell-specific labeling of immune cells using bioorthogonal tagging (CRC 1450 project A01)
tba (CRU 342 project P2)

Our meetings are currently held online via Zoom.
Everyone interested is welcome! If you do not already have access to our flashlight talks via our CRCs or CRU, please get in touch with us at inflammation.imaging@uni-muenster.de giving your name and institution.

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