Name Ali Gorji
Date of Birth November 14, 1966
Marital Status Married
Nationality Iranian
Language Persian, English, German, Arabic


1980-1984 Diploma of Higher Education in Natural Sciences from Ebn-e-yamin high school, Mashhad, Iran
1984-1991 Faculty of Medicine in Mashhad Medical University
1992 Passing the basic and clinical ECFMG (USMLE
1998-2003 Habilitation in Physiology, Neurophysiology Department of Münster University, Germany Visiting of research program in San Diego Spinal cord injury Center, USA and research program and clinical activities of Birmingham Poison Centre, UK

Previous Posts

1988-1991 Editor of Imam reza medical bulletin
1990-1993 Chairman of Chemical Warfare Agents Victims Institute (research-clinical) in Khorassan province in Bent-al-Hoda hospital
1991-1994 Associated-Professor of Mashad Poison Center and clinical Toxicology Department on the supervision of Prof. M. Bellali Lecturer of Medical University and Pharmacy University in Toxicology and Diagnostology Membership and Lecturer of 1st International Workshop of poisoning course and 3rd Iranian congress of Poisoning in Mashad
1998 Neurophysiology assistant in Neurophysiology Dept. of Münster University from April 1998 on the supervision of Prof. E.-J. Speckmann
2002-2006 Assistant-editor of Avicenna medical journal
2008-continued Honorary Director of Razavi Neuroscience Research Center, Mashhad, Iran
2008-continued Honorary Director of Shefa Neuroscience Research Center, Tehran, Iran
2012-continued Editor of Shefaye Khatam Neuroscience Journal
2013-continued Director of Epilepsy Research Center, Münster University, Germany
2014-continued Research chair in neuroscience from Iran National Science Foundation
2015- continued Honorary Director of Mehr Razavi (Cancer) Center, Mashhad, Iran