Born and raised in Mönchengladbach, I was drawn to the beautiful city of Lübeck, where I studied Molecular Life Science (BSc). In my BSc thesis I investigated the expression of antimicrobial peptides after dextran sulfate induced ulcerative colitis in the model organism Drosophila melanogaster. I specialized in infection biology during my masters. At the University of Uppsala, I gained experience in the molecular simulation of inhibitor binding to viral helicases of the Flaviviridae family and their effect in a cell culture model after a Zika virus infection as an intern with Professor Johan Lennerstrand. At the Heinrich-Pette-Institute and later at the University of Marburg for my thesis, I worked on hepatitis C virus replication and studied protein-protein interactions at lipid droplets in Professor Eva Herker's group. In october 2020, I joined the Institute of Cellular Virology to investigate the function of cellular glycans in the context papilloma or polyoma virus entry. The project is part of the ViroCarb initiative, which aims to characterize interactions of non-enveloped viruses with polysaccharides.