My name is Juliane Mayr and I grew up in Hallein, south of Salzburg in Austria. I successfully completed all my studies as well as my PhD at the University of Salzburg. During my master thesis I got the opportunity to enter the research field of molecular virology and I have been highly fascinated by viruses ever since. Under the supervision of Dr. Reinhard Vlasak I cloned the entire genome of influenza C virus into bidirectional vectors for future applications as oncolytic viruses. My PhD was focused on the analysis of virus-host-interactions (hemagglutinin esterase-sialic acid) of influenza C virus and several betacoronaviruses. In the second part of my PhD thesis I investigated the human CasD1 protein as potential elusive mammalian sialate-O-acetyltransferase. For my first Post Doc position I joined the lab of Prof. Mark von Itzstein in Australia. I analysed O-glycans as potential receptors and their roles in viral infection of influenza A viruses. After working in the industry, I decided to go back to research and joined the lab of Prof. Mario Schelhaas in October 2018 as a Post Doc. I am going to investigate the second receptor (complex) required for entry of human papillomaviruses into host cells.