My name is Dominik van Bodegraven (geb. Pahl) and I was born in Hanover. For my studies I moved to Brunswick and received both my Bachelor’s and my Master’s degree in the field of biology at the Technical University. During my Bachelor thesis I worked on the expression and biochemical analysis of subdomains of ABA3 under the supervision of Dr. Florian Bittner. ABA3 is a protein found in plant molybdenum cofactor metabolism. During my Master studies I focused on cell biology and biochemistry and I had the opportunity to conduct my Master’s thesis at the Nippon Medical School in Tokyo. There, I contributed to the generation of protein structure data by x-ray crystallography in the group of Dr. Ken Okamoto. The aim of this research was a better understanding of the dehydrogenase/oxidase conversion of the protein xanthine oxidoreductase. Since September 2017 I have been working for my PhD here in Münster in the lab of Prof. Mario Schelhaas. A first goal of my research is the examination of the interactions between polysaccharides of the cell surface and various HPV types, which in some cases display different tropisms. My project is part of the ViroCarb initiative, in which scientists from many different German universities work together in order to examine the interactions between non-enveloped viruses and polysaccharides.