• Researchers

    Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Psych. Lisa Leehr

    I have the joy to lead the team. As researcher and psychotherapist I am dedicated to investigate neural underpinnings of psychological processes and their modulation capability as this can give impulses for innovative treatment development/optimisation.






    Dr. rer. nat. Joscha Böhnlein

    I am a Psychological Psychotherapist and research assistant. I was involved in the projects Z02 and C09 and am currently preparing a future project. I am mostly interested in (mainly neurofunctional) factors that influence the success of exposure therapy in patients with specific phobia and other phobic anxiety disorders. I investigate both a priori differences and changes in functional activity and connectivity of patients with specific phobias before and after exposure therapy (in virtual reality or in vivo) to identify specific markers of successful therapy and relevant changes by therapy.




    Fabian Breuer, M.Sc.

    I am PhD student and research assistant. Besides coordinating the CIPAS and SPIN study I am currently working on a meta analysis about antisaccades in psychiatric populations. I am interested in inhibitory control as a possible transdiagnostic mechanism of psychopathology. I am currently training to become a psychological psychotherapist.






    Elisabeth Schrammen, M.Sc.

    I am a PhD student and research assistant. Apart from coordinating the Spider FU research project, I am currently working on a coordinate-based meta-analysis about functional neuronal effects of psychotherapy in anxiety disorders. In parallel to my research, I am in my last year of clinical training to become a psychological psychotherapist.


  • Student Assistants

    Celina Bernau


    Lea Fränkel


    Katharina Gewers


    Tristan Haffner


    Hannah Hofer


    Hanna Lehmann


    Paul Raethjen


    Jennifer Skupski


    Clara Spreen


    Carolin Sprenger