Welcome to the MzH Lab

The laboratory of Gerd Meyer zu Hörste, MD (the MzH lab) is part of the Department of Neurology at the University Clinic Münster and the Westfälische Wilhelms-University Münster in Germany. We employ a wide range of experimental techniques to study disease mechanisms in neuro-immunological disorders. The specific aims of our research are:

1)    Understand the interaction between T helper cells and parenchymal cells of the nervous system.

2)    Characterize the interaction between recently discovered subsets of T helper cells with B cells in autoimmunity of the nervous system.

3)    Define how the brain microenvironment shapes the phenotype and function of immune cells.


Areas of special interest include multiple sclerosis, inflammatory myopathy and inflammatory neuropathy and their animal models. In addition, we actively develop novel techniques and adapt them to neuroimmunological diseases including high-throughput single cell expression profiling and proteomic profiling.