Research groups

According to an analysis conducted by the ACRC in 2001, there was a lack of funding opportunities for ambitious postdoctoral scientists with outstanding achievements (between the ages 35-45 years) in Germany. Therefore, most of these young researchers moved abroad and only a few returned to pursue their careers in Germany. The IZKF Münster research group concept therefore provided an opportunity for postdoctoral fellows in the above-mentioned age group to establish and lead their own research group.  Research groups were assigned to an institute or a clinic and worked there independently without being accountable to the clinic director. The group leaders were released from their clinical obligations and were able to concentrate fully on their research. In this way, the host institution received an active research group and, in return, provided the necessary infrastructure.

Purpose Scientific qualification of ambitious scientists and targeted expansion of the selected research field.
Funding volume Personnel position for max. 5 years, consumables about 10.000 EUR p.a. , travel grant from IZKF central funds.
Application prerequisites Applicants were expected to have a MD degree or a PhD in life sciences and a track record of peer-reviewed publications, extramural funding and an active research programme.
Selection process The research groups were advertised on a topic that promised outstanding, innovative research for one or more of the IZKF research areas. The IZKF Research Council was involved in selecting the most suitable topic. After an international call for proposals and review by the IZKF Scientific Advisory Board, the most suitable candidate was selected.
Funding granted Six groups were funded with a total funding budget of 4.5 million EUR.
Perspective The expectation of this programme was a quality-oriented competition of outstanding young scientists for a group leader position, who should bring new core competencies to the faculty with their enthusiasm for the advertised research topic.