The Faculty of Medicine established the MedK programme in 2014 for students studying human and dental medicine to take up an interest in biomedical research and to arouse their interest in an experimental, doctoral thesis with clinical relevance. The students receive structured training in the form of theoretical and practical courses parallel to the preparation of an experimental doctoral thesis for one year. In the course of a science semester, the students are trained to independently develop scientifically relevant questions as well as experimental and clinical-scientific projects according to the rules of good scientific practice. The doctoral thesis is fundamentally prepared under the guidance of two MedK mentors, who must have proven expertise in their field of research. All regular students receive a monthly allowance of 390 EUR as a scholarship for the duration of their MedK membership.
The IZKF has been participating in the MedK program since 2015 and supports medical students who want to carry out doctorate within the funded IZKF projects. Applications for admission to the MedK programme have to be submitted directly to the Faculty of Medicine. The IZKF bears the costs for the scholarships if they are carried out in the framework of an ongoing IZKF project. All rules for the MedK program must be observed correctly. Since some groups are very popular with students, the IZKF board decided to finance only one scholarship per year per IZKF project from IZKF funds. Only scholarship holders who are funded for the entire period of the MedK programme will be financed in IZKF projects, which should not exceed the funding period of the respective IZKF project.