Educational / Training Structure

The Postdocs of the Medical Scientist College InFlame will participate in a structured training program consistent of a

  1. Research Module
  2. Patient/Clinic-oriented Training
  3. Individualized Mentoring Program

as illustrated in Graph 1 below. While the Postdocs become research specialists in their chosen research field, we aim for a broader education to complement their basic scientist education with a patient/clinic-oriented training program to cover medical knowledge, medical needs and clinical/translational aspects and requirements. We offer an integration into the large spectrum of interdisciplinary scientific activities of the research focus Infection & Inflammation (meetings, seminars, conferences, training modules and discussion platforms), encourage scientific exchange, and foster interdisciplinary thinking and a broader understanding across research fields. This includes InFLame-specific training and mentoring modules as well as more general training elements provided by the umbrella structure of the University of Münster. This is accompanied by the possibility to apply for intramural funding (IMF, IZKF) and additional training for the application of third-party funding (German Research Foundation, ERC, BMBF); see Graph 2.

Graph 1
Graph 2