Bioinformatic Analyses

The consulting of the Bioinformatic Analyses includes:

  • DNA-seq (targeted, WES, WGS; matched- and non-matched; color space): variant calling, mutational patterns, clonal evolution, ethnicity, relation,
  • RNA-seq (bulk): expression analysis, fusion genes,
  • Single cell omics (RNA-seq, ATAC-seq): expression analysis, clustering, velocity,
  • Microarrays (SNP, aCGH, gene expression, 850K, 450K): CNV calling, expression analysis, methylation analysis,
  • Bisulfite sequencing (RRBS, WGBS): methylation,
  • ChIP-seq:  transcription factor binding sites, histones,
  • 4C-seq, Hi-C-seq: 3D chromatin structure,
  • ATAC-seq: chromatin structure,

  • STARR-seq: enhancer structure,
  • Additionally: pathway analyses, geneset enrichment, data integration and annotation.

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