International Health

In September 2017 the Institute of Epidemiology and Social Medicine started offering the graded elective course “Introduction to International Health” to medical students between 6th and 10th semester. As a first cohort, 25 students were selected to participate according to previous experience with global health along with proven interest in international assignments. Following an initial meeting, participants were assigned specific internationally relevant health topics to prepare individually through self-initiated study. Results were presented and graded during two mandatory presence days followed by a three-day study tour to Geneva, Switzerland, covering several health-related United Nations agencies. Eligible students gained a deep and firsthand insight into global health related issues through professional stakeholders and exactly at venues of current decision-making. The evaluation of the course revealed an even more increased interest and willingness to engage into global health assignments after graduation, especially towards health emergency crises settings.  All compiled information was documented and published online to gain transparency into coursework, to trigger student performance and to increase learning impact beyond the circle of participants.

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