Protein gel electrophoresis

Picture courtesy of GE

We perform gel electrophoretic experiments in 1 und 2 dimensions according to established protocols or your settings (1/2-PAGE). To that end, both Bio-Rad, Amersham and Gelcompany/Serva devices are available.

We have also several years of experience with the DIGE-system for differential protein expression analysis.

Necessary protein amounts:

  • 0.5-1 mg for Coomassie staining
  • 0.15 mg for analytical DIGE gels (0.075 mg each for control and sample)
  • 0.5 mg for preparative DIGE gels

Limits of detection:

  • Coomassie R250 30-100 ng
  • colloidal Coomassie G250 1-16 ng
  • silver 1-10 ng
  • fluorescence 0.1-5 ng
Fluorescence detection
Typhoon 9400 is a high-performance fluorescence scanner with 3 lasers (457/488, 532, 633 nm) for various applications such as the detection of phosphoproteins using Diamond Pro Q stain.

DIGE analysis of the IFG in collaborations:
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