Monday, Nov. 24
01:00 pmOpening and introduction
01:05 pm
Keynote: Alfred Yergey, NIH
01:50 pmThe cell: Animated introduction
02:15 pmPoster & Company exhibition
04:00 pmSession I - Technology
05:15 pmPopular science lecture: Johannes Wessels, Münster
Get-together, IFG visit and Münster-at-Night sightseeing tourTuesday, Nov. 25
09:00 amSession II - Optical Imaging
10:40 amCoffee
11:00 amSession III - Mass Spectrometric Imaging
12:15 pmLunch, Seminar & Exhibition
2:00 pmSession IV - Cells
3:45 pmEnd of conference

Abstract Book

Monday Speakers

Keynote: Alfred Yergey, Natl. Institutes of Health, USA
Variability in mass spectra – How we can get better answers

The cell: A close look: Katherina Psathaki, MPI Münster

Philip Tinnefeld, LMU München, Anal. Chem. 2007, From single molecules to biomolecular interactions and super resolution microscopy

Andreas Offenhaeuser, Research Center Jülich, Non-invasive monitoring of cellular ion-channel activity using electronic devices

Uwe Karst, University of Münster, Quantitative analysis of fluorescently labeled thiols and amines by microchip capillary electrophoresis with wavelength-resolved fluorescence detection 

Popular science lecture
Big Bang and Primordial Soup: The hunt for the Quark-Gluon-Plasma
Johannes Wessels, University of Münster, WN

2:30 pm Workshop BioAnalyzer Gel - LaVision BioTec

3:15 pm Workshop PALM/Zeiss, Monika Stich, Laser capture microdissection: A new dimension in sample purity, optional visit of the IFG instrument

Tuesday Speakers

Morning: Focus on Imaging

Christian Lohr, University of Münster, ATP in the brain: More than an energy currency

Michael Schäfers, University of Münster, SFB Mobil, Isotope-based imaging of molecular targets in tissues and living animals

Christoph Bremer, University of Münster, SFB Mobil, In vivo cell tracking using magnetic resonance and optical imaging techniques

Klaus Tiemann, University of Münster

Malcolm R. Clench, Sheffield Hallam University, SPOTS, SMOTS and SLOTS - Shotgun proteomics, shotgun metabolomics and shotgun lipidomics on tissue samples

Emmanuelle Claude, Waters Corp., MALDI-MS imaging coupled with high-efficiency ion mobility separation

Alan Cox, University of Sheffield, Towards cellular imaging: An elemental perspective

Christian Wilhelm, University of Leipzig, Physiological characterization of plant cells on the single cell level

Heinrich Leonhardt, LMU Munich, Nature Methods 2006, MCP 2008, Targeting and tracing antigens in living cells

Christian Korfhage, Qiagen, Single cell whole genome amplification: Reliability and limits

Jürgen Klingauf, MPI Göttingen, Nature Neuroscience 2007, Coupling of exo- and endocytosis: Insights from single vesicle recordings

12:30 pm Lunch seminar Cell Biosciences, Andy Higgs, Getting towards protein isoform assays in single cells

1:15 pm Workshop AlphaMetrix, Udo Schimmel