PROGRAM | NOVEMBER 06, 2019 | Max-Planck-Institute

13:00Core Unit Proteomics

Core Unit Proteomics

Nov. 6, 45 min

Simone König

Omics, bioinformatics and analytical chemistry - Information content in shotgun / omics experiments

This workshop is designed for mass spectrometry users interested in omics and in particluar in protein expression analysis. It will discuss the data format and quality needed for confident results and demonstrate the impact of bioinformatic tools. Easy examples will be used to enable the participants to evaluate spectral information.


Nov. 6, 30 min

Christof Mitterer

µPAC for the analysis of small sample amounts


Nov. 6, 30 min

Dr. Werner Luttmann

Multi-Epitope-Ligand Cartography

Waters Corp.

Nov. 7, 30 min

Emma Marsden-Edwards

Cyclic ion mobility mass spectrometry

Serva Electrophoresis

Nov. 7, 30 min

Sebastian Hölters

PTMs, isoforms, multiplexing – new era of 2D Western Blot

User-oriented talk based on real applications.

2D-IEF/SDS PAGE; nativ PAGE/SDS PAGE; Western blot; HPE; PRiME