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Does the FSHB c.-211G greater than T polymorphism impact Sertoli cell number and the spermatogenic potential in infertile patients? (02/2020)

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Our group is working on the impact  of c.-211G>T FSHB single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) on spermatogenesis. We and others have recently shown that this SNP is strongly associated with lowered testicular volume, reduced sperm counts and decreased FSH levels in patients carrying one or two T-alleles. However it was  not clear to which extent Sertoli cell (SC) number, Sertoli cell workload (SCWL) and thereby spermatogenic potential is affected. In the current study we demonstrated that neither SC number nor SCWL is significantly different among different genotypes of the -211G>T FSHB SNP (see figure). Thus the spermatogenic potential is maintained independent of the SNP genotype.  The previously observed clinical phenotype might be caused by a hypo-stimulated spermatogenesis and not due to a decreased SC number. Our findings support the concept for a putative treatment of infertile men with FSH to stimulate spermatogenesis further.

Maria Schubert, Sophie Kaldewey, Lina Pérez Lanuza, Henrike Krenz, Martin Dugas, Sven Berres, Sabine Kliesch, Joachim Wistuba, Jörg Gromoll