Filme zu: J. Cao, et al.. Polarized actin and VE-Cadherin Dynamics regulate junctional remodelling and cell Migration during sprouting angiogenesis. Nature Communications 8, 2210 (2017), doi:10.1038/s41467-017-02373-8.

Film 1: Time lapse recordings of HUVEC during sheet migration investigated in a scratch assayFilm 2: VE-cadherin-EGFP dynamics in HUVEC cultures under wound healing (scratch assay)Film 3: Dynamics of VE-cadherin-mCherry and EGFP-p20 expressed in HUVEC and investigated in a scratch asseyFilm 4: Animation of JAIL DynamicsFilm 5: Application of VEGF induces endothelial cell elongation, forcing directed cell MigrationFilm 6: VEGFR2 controls VEGF-induced cell elongation in synergism with Nrp1Film 7: VE-cadherin-EGFP overexpression in HUVEC cultures blocks VEGF-induced cell ElongationFilm 8: VEGF-induced VE-cadherin dynamics and remodelingFilm 9: Loss of tension due to ROCK inhibition dramatically increased VE-cadherin DynamicsFilm 10: VEGF triggers polarized microtubule dynamics that induces and maintains cell elongation and MigrationFilm 11: Actin dynamics in HUVEC upon VEGF applicationFilm 12: Polarized ARP2/3 complex dynamics in VEGF-induced elongated HUVECFilm 13: Rac activity was monitored by using confluent HUVEC cultures expressing Raichu-Rac1 FRET sensorFilm 14: Rac inhibitor EHT 1864 blocks VEGF-induced cell elongation, migration and JAIL FormationFilm 15: The Rac-activating Sphingosine-1-Phosphate receptor activator SEW2871 upregulates JAIL formation in HUVECFilm 16: Dynamics of sprouting angiogenesis in fibrin gelFilm 17: JAIL dynamics in 4D sprouting angiogenesis fibrin gel AssayFilm 18: ARP2/3 complex activity during cell division in lumen forming vessels in fibrin gel assey by 4D time lapse recordings